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Who We Are

We are an ABTA member independent travel agency based in the beautiful seaside town of Lymington, Hampshire.

Whether you’re looking for a city break, staycation, an exotic beach holiday, or a round the world trip of a lifetime, we will curate the perfect holiday for you. 

We are proud to be a part of Travel Specialists by Advantage Travel Partnership, the UK’s largest independent travel agent and travel management company consortium. This allows us to offer you amazing choice, value for money and the security of Booking with Confidence. 

Rest assured that whatever your travel plans are, we will bring them to life! Our friendly and experienced travel experts are here for you.

Image by Scott Cooksey

why dépaysement?

The Start of Your Incredible Journey

It might seem unusual to name a British travel company after a little known French word, but we think once you know the meaning, you will see why we could be called nothing else!

Most simply, dépaysement translates to “change of scene”, however it actually refers to much more than that. Dépaysement is when you find your thoughts drifting to past and future travels; remembering the feelings you get when you’re sipping a cool drink on a terrace overlooking a beautiful view, or from the sound of cicadas in the trees and waves breaking on the shore, or the smell of a warm breeze blowing your hair. Anyone who really misses that feeling of having a change to all their senses is aching for dépaysement. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic we know that many of you, like us, will have experienced that feeling of yearning to be somewhere else, experiencing different lands, climates, and cultures.

Let dépaysement answer that yearning!

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