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Marrakech - Heart of Morocco

Whether you’re looking for a weekend break or an initial base for travelling around Morocco, Marrakech is a fascinating and unique experience. From the chaotic streets awash with bikes, mopeds and horse-drawn taxi’s to the extraordinary sights and sounds of Plas Djemma el-Fna, Marrakech’s buzzing atmosphere is one that’s impossible to forget.

Plas Djemma el-Fna

The Plas Djemma el-Fna main square is a remarkable place that cannot simply be seen, it must be experienced with all five senses. By day, an array of snake charmers, dancing monkeys and all manner of street performers vie for money from the city’s many tourists. By night the square really comes alive. Charismatic street vendors tempt tourists with traditional Moroccan tajines, while the incessant backbeat of bongos energises the thronging crowds.


No visit to Marrakech is complete without a trip to the city’s sprawling labyrinthine souks. Everything is on sale here, ranging from hand-woven rugs and jewellery to camel-skin bongos and dried chameleon lucky charms. Be prepared to haggle for everything you buy here, as sellers will generally ask a starting price of at least three times the actual value. This can be difficult and unnerving at times, but once you have mastered the art you will be greatly rewarded by a greater understanding of the people and their culture, as well as being able to pick up some fine bargains.

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