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Tunisian Mosaic

Known for its sunny weather, golden beaches, coastal resorts, and ancient ruins, Tunisia is rich in archaeological as well as historical heritage, making it a perfect vacation getaway for history buffs. In 1997, UNESCO declared Tunisia, the smallest North African country, as a Cultural Capital Region.

During your grand Tunisian holiday spree, be sure to check out the following five tourist attractions.

Ruins of Carthage

The 3,000-year-old city of Carthage, the capital of the Phoenician government, sits close to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. You get to see fantastic views while appreciating the ancient Roman architectural ruins. The Tunisian presidential palace, as well as the majestic Saint Louis Cathedral, is also located in Carthage.


Djerba, also known as Jerba, is the largest North African Island. Expect beautiful sunsets and beaches when you visit this place. One factor that has catapulted this city-island into a popular tourist attraction is the fact that, in 1977, scenes that appeared in the first Stars Wars movie was filmed in Djerba.


Monastir has undergone a transformation from a fishing port to a key Tunisian holiday tourist resort. Monastir’s suburb, Skanes, gracefully enfolds the country’s coastline. Skanes is famous for its golf courses, white sandy beaches, and hotels inspired by Moorish and contemporary imaginings.

Bardo National Museum

Located in the Tunis suburbs, the Bardo National Museum was once a Hafsid palace built in the thirteenth century. The museum will whet your appetite for spectacular antiquities from Tunisia, the Islamic Period, and ancient Greece. The museum is also home to a Roman mosaic collection.

Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said, a town situated twenty kilometers off Tunis, is famous for its distinctive blue-and-white color scheme. Blue and white swatches of paint appear extensively all over the village, from the exterior of houses to the walls of buildings. Long reputed as a town of artists, Sidi Bou Said was a temporary host or served as home to August Macke, Gustave-Henri Jossot, Louis Moillet, Paul Klee, and Saro Lo Turco.

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