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Virgin Voyages - Dine the Virgin Way

Virgin Voyages made a promise when they launched in 2021 to take a different approach to cruising, and they have certainly kept that promise. From original live entertainment to Instagram-worthy spaces aboard each ship, this is a unique journey like no other. One of the biggest differences is the dining experience. With Virgin Voyages you won’t come across a buffet or set dinner times, instead, you’ll be left drooling over the menu of six signature restaurants, several small eateries, and bars; a total of 20 eateries with different cuisines that you can book at a time that works for you. And the best part, all 20 eateries are included in your cruise price.

Take a look at some of our favourite dining options that are sure to be high on your list too.

The Wake

The Wake is one of the most talked about restaurants onboard the Virgin Voyages ships, and rightfully so. Sophisticated and classic, the restaurant specialises in steak and seafood where you have the option to have brunch (bottomless for those starting the party early) or dinner at the venue. Located at the back of the ship, you will have stunning views of the ship’s wake, its namesake, through extra-large windows. In addition to a grand staircase, there is a raw bar, cocktail cart and magnum bottles of wine.


Korean BBQ restaurant “Gunbae” which means ‘empty glass’ offers a social experience, different to all other restaurants. You’ll be sitting around a built-in grill with other sailors while your server dishes out a variety of delicious side dishes and grills vegetables, fish and meats of your choice. As your dinner is coming to an end, to do justice to the restaurant’s name, your server will encourage your table to participate in a drinking game where you’re offered complimentary shots of soju. As games explode loudly around the restaurant, you’ll leave on high energy ready for your next activity.

Sun Club Café

Lunch possibilities are endless onboard with the Galley offering food-court-style stations with a variety of options. However, a hidden gem, mostly because of its tucked away position is the Sun Club Café. Located on the sun deck towards the front of the ship, you can order wonderful and healthy Hawaiian poke bowls which are served over greens or rice. Grab on the go after a workout or while you’re basking in the sun for an easy lunch or snack.

Test Kitchen

Unlike any other restaurant onboard, the Test Kitchen food will open your mind and pallet to new flavours. The restaurant offers a fixed-tasting menu that is innovative, experimental, and educational. Your waiter for the night will describe in great detail each element of your 7-courses, and if you happen to find a dish too complex, not to worry, they will always offer an alternative. You can also enhance your experience by choosing the wine or cocktail pairing. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an adventurous eater, the Test Kitchen is an experience worth having.

Tell me more…

We haven’t even mentioned the amazing itineraries available – there is a range of destinations to choose from including the Med and Caribbean. Virgin Voyages is a cruise like no other, so if you’re new to cruise or you’d like to try something different, this could be the cruise for you. Contact us for more information and we’ll be happy to help.

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